Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of caffeine and choirs and a night.

I'm getting too old for caffeine. I swear to the person above that I am.
Conveniently ordered a jumbo coffee for myself while out with Jolyn and wrecked my whole night, making me think incoherently and *gasp* increasingly emotional, forcing me to come clean to my written diary, which unfortunately none of you can read.
Ha. Ha. Too bad.
Classes are whizzing by faster than 'peep-peep' road runner before I could even lift my hand to wave goodbye. Other people's notes are covered with colourful highlights with little foot notes in between while mine are virgin pure.
Other brains are filled with glucose-6-phosphates and dehydrogenase enzymes and the mechanisms of nucleophilic substitution while mine is filled with,


*Knock, knock - anybody home?*
*Brain are you there? I need you, erm, to start, erm, like now?*

Stuff's been happening, yours truly joined the inter-college choir competition (7/1) but we didn't win- oh, well.

-Blurry picture of my outfit -

Became an emcee for the first time in my life during the Pharmacy Nite (12/1), one of 5 - 2 formals, 3 informals.

Hard work, man!

Us emcees drove over from UM like sheeps in the city, very proudly found our way to Crown Princess hotel but missed the turning into the hotel. Cursing like mad, we had to drive quite a distance before finding an opportunity to make a U-turn. A U-turn by turning into a research facility of which we weren't supposed to even enter. We were duly stopped by the guards when exiting.

"Tempat ini sepatutnya tak boleh masuk, dik!"

Maya, one of the girls sitting in the backseat immediately pretended to be asleep.

Plenty of minta maafs later, Hani, the uber modern KLite from TTDI blurted,

"Maaf abang, kita baru datang KL, tak tahu jalan. Sorry ye!"

It took all the effort I could muster to not burst out laughing. I'm mighty glad the car registration plate wasn't a 'W'.


-Us (minus me), early in the morning, having our breakfast of nasi lemak-

Paid more than 50 bucks but ate nothing the whole night except a few morsels of fish. So not worth it right?! Thats the punishment for being involved in performances too. Yeap. Danced. I have no idea how I became involved, actually.

-Dance 1; Rehearsals-

-Fooling around while waiting for hair and make-up-

After being made-up, we had no choice but to peep behind walls.
"Eh, look at Senior who-and-who! So pretty!"
"Wah, her hair so *keng! (incredible)"
Spying on them, there's only one conclusion :
Girls can never, ever take too many photographs.

-Taking a breather in between emcee-ing-

I didn't get a new dress, used the same one for the Prom last year. Blardy lebih- I almost couldn't fit into it. Being a demure person -ahem- I had to cover myself up. It was a requirement, anyway.

-With some coursemates, in a dress that had shrunk-

-All the first years- almost all anyway-

Let's play spot Sim Mei!

-Emcees unite!-

Thank goodness there were no big blunders, even if there were, no one dared to tell me about it anyway.

-After the endless rehearsals, put-downs, criticism, nervousness and even tears, it arrived, we did what we set out to do and it became but a memory-

Was finally able to have a good night's sleep.

At 4 a.m.

Woke up the next day for lunch with Est, Bee Fong, Lorraine, Sher Ri and EV.

Ah, but that's another story.

Me, out!

p/s :

Blessed Birthday Lorraine!


Porcupine said...

Hi Sim Mei!!!
Angry at you liau la...
Never reply my msg one...
I really admire those Pharmacy students who were able to hear your sweet voice being broadcasted across the hall...
See you this CNY!!!

amy-da-great said...

you where got message me wor! wah..sweet voice or 'sweet' voice?
make sure we meet up this new year!

kinwai said...

wah wah. looking good eh? wonder wat the jacket's for.... Hmmm...

Český Student said...


Sorry, I didnt have my hands on my computer for almost half a month. No blog surfing or chatting for a while...

And why on earth did you put that scarf over your shoulders anyway? It's not THAT COLD!! :P

Well, at LEAST someone is enjoying their extra-curricular activities and u have a nice hairdo there!


amy-da-great said...

looking fatter ler!
jacket? you meant the scarf/shawl thingy? I HAD to lar.. It's a requirement for those up on stage coz there were lecturers and 'big' people around..

at the same time can hide my *ahem*

to-cesky student

Kawan! How many million years have I not talked to you liao !
I wanna hear all about your lawatan-sambil-belajar

as for now,
back to books..
excuse for the scarf : *refer to the above*