Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Updates !

I'm reading biology notes in preparation for class tomorrow (oh horrors.. no holiday ! WhY?!) and at the same time checking my mail(3000 over : laziness), visiting Friendster, searching up some stuff at, watching t.v, or to be exact, listening to MTVs and erm writing T-H-I-S.
Long day tomorrow, staff meeting after school.
Sports Day was not too bad this morning up to afternoon, though I got baked in the process. The newly formed Kadet Polis won first place, followed by Puteri Islam and KRS. Rumah sukan was Perdana i think. BUT overall champ is Panglima... again!! YAY!!!
I'm proud of the Prefects and Pandus too!
Met up with the gang for lunch and then we adjourned to A&W's for floats. I only reached home at 5.30-ish.
We Absolutely cannot run away from the topic of our studies, Universities and our future; what we will be doing or rather, think we will be doing and what others are, should and will be doing. Arranged marriages, being drunk, astrology, termites, running away, food, STPM, string instruments and pore-ridden bricks got intermingled along the way.
Good company, YUMMY.

Oh yeah, people, go watch V for Vendetta.
Esther and I went in late (managed to get em tickets at the last minute) and it totally blew me away. At first we were so blur and couldn't understand what the hell was happening as the scenes were jumping from one to the next. But after that, I was transfixed.
Very different from other movies and the best thing was, IT WASN'T CENSORED!
Ooo.. Very liberal Censorship Board.
I was wondering whether someone sabotaged the cinema and played an uncut version on the big screen.
Or maybe the board finally regained back their senses.
Kudos !

On a separate note,
Only the other day I had a pre-quarter-life crisis. 20 is fast approaching and I'm a-wondering what I've done with my life.
Have I truly appreciated each sunrise?
Have I really made a difference in someone's life?
Have I stamped my mark in this world?
Have I really, truly celebrated life itself?

I really should.

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