Friday, March 31, 2006

20 i wanna's..

1. I wanna save the world.
2. I wanna go off to the wilderness and save trees.
3. I wanna go halfway round the world and become a volunteer..which is stupid because there may be people right here in my neighbourhood who need help.
4. I want my life to be BIG. B-I-G. B-I-G.
5. I wanna travel around the world.
6. I wanna see things, taste things, feel things.
7. I wanna open a quaint bookstore filled to the brim with books, old books, that are dog-eared and stained.
8. I wanna open a chocolate cafe ala 'Chocolat'.
9. I wanna shop without worrying bout the price tag.
10. I wanna live by the sea.
11. I wanna play with small kids and yet are able to hand them back to their parents when they wail.
12. I wanna lie in a hammock and dream.
13. I wanna lie in a hammock and sip lemonade.
14. I wanna lie in a hammock and read a book.
15. I wanna lie in a hammock.
15. I wanna hang out with friends.
16. I wanna drink coffee and watch the world go by, in skirts and dresses and shirts and trousers.
17. I wanna lie on a beach and watch millions of stars.
18. I wanna act like a rich brat.
19. I wanna sing and dance like there's no tomorrow.
20. I wanna BE.

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