Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dear Void

I've been neglecting, I know !
Thousand apologies.
I know things could get worse but I can't get this feeling of dread out of me. Help?
I need a good dose of inspiration to kick myself out of this rut of self pity. Wallowing in this pit is no fun I tell you, no matter how hard your mind may convince you to think otherwise.
It could get much worse, dear, dear amy.

Gosh, the results are finally at our doorstep. I swear it's only been like yesterday we were celebrating our freedom from tuitions, books, kertas kajang's', 2B pencils and late nights cramming facts into our heads.
Ironic that I willingly embraced all of it back again, now, that I'm back in school..(not that I'm complaining!)
Seems like I have much to do and there's never a time when I can actually step back and exclaim, Yay, I've Nothing else to do. There's always something.
And that's what irks me and scares me half to death, realizing that I may one day be someone who just does stuff. Day in, day out. Like a robot. Nothing else to my name.
It's probably due to the fact that pretty soon I have to decide where I want my life to head, left or right, ahead, back, northeast, southwest, etc.
That scares me too, the future.

Dear friends and comrades-in-arms,
Monday and Thursday are just days, 2 days out of the thousands of days that you will encounter and choose how you wish to live it for the rest of your life.
A mother might be drowning in sorrow for the loss of a son halfway round the world,
A middle-aged man might be winning a lottery on Thursday,
A family may be finally able to eat after a Good Samaritan leaves a bread at their door, tomorrow, in a distant country.
No matter what happens, Take it, accept it and celebrate it.
Live it and run away with it,
The world's ain't seen the best of you yet.
If you need comforting, I'll be there.
And if I need comforting,I hope you'll be there for me too.
We're in this,
I'd like to think there's a bigger and ultimately better plan for each and every one of us.

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