Friday, July 11, 2008

When diaries are bursting at the seams

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders,
and you feel that your bones can bear no longer;
Just look inside and scan your heart,
Dig deep for passion, that fills-overflowing.

Angels are around to light your way,
Though Dust may yet settle on ground,
When wind blows tender-warm and loving,
Stay still, and breathe-the air is that sweet.

Rejoice, and feel from tip to toe,
Rejoice! For feelings are, when feelings due,
Plod on, plough on, sink deep in the mud
Embracing the feet, swallowing it whole.

Live the moment, regret not one,
Nor half an inch or quarter,
Stay strong, dear mirror, don't loose sight
Never let go without a fight;

The joy my friend
Is in the little things,
That never seem important;

But pause awhile, let heart take over
Counseled by gut, brains of substance;
You won't go wrong, you'll never get lost,
Enjoy the present, Now is here.

A round of love for everyone!

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