Saturday, July 12, 2008


Been tagged many, many times but am always too lazy to get around to do it.
Turning into a new leaf, so it is.

Tagged by Miss Tan Ee Von & Mr. Lee Jun Xue!

8 things I'm passionate about :

1) Family & Friends
2) Food, glorious food!
3) Books
4) Music
5) A life well-lived
6) Love
7) Being happy
8) My smelly pillow

8 things I say too often :

1) What the hell?!
2) Wah....liu!
3) I'm good.
4) Yah man.
5) Seriously?!
6) Hungry la wei
7) Wei
8) No problem.

8 books I've read recently :

1) Persuasion by Jane Austen
2) Ellen Foster by Kanye Gibbons
3) MIMS (Go to Google, type MIMS - then you'll know why)
4) The Hours by Michael Cunningham
5) My diary
6) Night by Elie Wiesel
7) The Textbook of Radiopharmacy (gag)
8) The Good Omen by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

8 songs I could listen to over and over again :

1) Dreaming My Dreams - The Cranberries
2) Lagu Untukmu - Meet Uncle Hussein
3) Landslide - Dixie Chicks
4) Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
5) Kau Ilhamku - Manbai
6) Your Woman - Whitetown
7) Itu Kamu -Estranged
8) When You Believe - Whitney Housten & Mariah Carey

8 things I learnt for the past year :

1) That saying No is not necessarily a bad thing.
2) That you can achieve amazing feats that you thought were impossible. As long as you never give up.
3) Eating a lot = gaining weight
4) Anything can happen in this world of ours.
5) This too, shall pass.
6) Be yourself, trust your instincts and speak from the heart.
7) That I am one hell of a lucky human being. What more to ask for? A loving family, superb friends, good food, enough money to spend, lots of love to go around.
8) Alone time is blissful.

8 people I tag (though I'm sure many would have done it already):

1) Esther Toh!
2) Mai Kai
3) Kenny
4) Felicita!
5) Samuel
6) Jeff
7) You
8) And you.


-feli- said...

it's like you knew i'm gonna read your blog...
tho i don't mind actually. :P

buttercup said...

ahaha! yeap i've done tht! unless, it's the other kenny... hahaha!

Josie said...

girl, you should read 'eat pray love' by elizabeth gilbert. absolutely inspiring. it makes me want to chuck it all and follow suit.

Esther said...

done ady lo. wait for u ah. lol.

amy-da-great said...

I know you secretly enjoy doing it!

to-buttercup & esther
......I know la I'm slow...cis..

Yeah, I've heard of it. On Oprah I think. It's that good? Must really go check it out ady then!