Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Bithday To..Me.

I could so feel the love.

I was kind of expecting it, but not at this scale. It's exam season so i could understand the sacrifice that they made to tear themselves away from their books, to walk all the way, to just be here for an hour or so - to celebrate this humble homo sapien's birthday.
And the time spent on getting gifts too, when time seems to just slip away from our grasp the harder we try to hold on to it.

Lovely friends.
Thank you so much Ritz, Feli, Yee Bee, Shea Jiun, Shin Chee, Cheok Men, Woan Lin, Pei Shan, Kai Siang, Jo Lin, Sai Hong, Siu Gee, Popo, Yah Huei, Guek Kee, Chu Chu, Wendy, Mei Poh and Meng Hong!

Gifts to be hugged, photos to browse through and memories to be kept for all times.

It's times like these that I should imprint in my mind-to remind myself of the many blessings that I have, during desperate and lowly hours.

For now, it's getting a little late and I'm going to bed with an overflowing heart.

Exams? What exams?


Samuel said...

Wow... so syok!... Happy Birthday...

amy-da-great said...


Thanks samuel!!

Samuel said...

err... only got me also need to add the sentence "to-sam"...

so since I had wished... now I wan pizza... lol :D

MyKy said...

Happy Exams!! :p