Saturday, May 17, 2008

And the exams had to end eventually..

Exams are freaking over!

*runs around madly ala Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone*

Huge, huge sigh of relief.

Nope not thinking about results yet, not thinking..No, don't think. DON'T THINK!Bah.

Friday was Independence Day, God only knows how we managed to drag ourselves out for lunch and a little present hunting immediately after our last paper. Suffice to say we barely had 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Adrenaline is indeed an interesting and useful neurotransmitter.

Saturday was lovely, finally managed to go out as a gang-for the first time the whole semester, I think- (Ritz, Popo, Huei, Siu Gee and I) to The Curve for some mad, no-holds-barred celebratory get-together.
Had a delicious dinner at The Apartment, perky coke at McD's and squeezed in a spot of shopping. They bought me a bag for me birthday! Loved it.

Sunday afternoon was mom-daughter bonding time back home in Klang and at night?

Off to Redang BABY!

The place was awe-inspiring, though a little to commercialized for my liking.

Beaches have always been my weak spot though and so understandably, I didn't want to leave.
I brought a book along with me. A lovely book from a lovely person. Heh heh.
Thanks LW!

"Shit. Can I not go home?"

"Marry some snorkelling guy la, then can stay on lor."
I just might you know, they're all tanned, muscular and so, so mysterious.

Like those kind you read in paperback romance novels. Mills and Boons anyone?

But I could be wrong, (sheepishly) never read a Mills & Boons book in my life.

How can you not want to wake up to something like this each morn?!

It was interesting in that I went with 7 other coursemates who are from different backgrounds; of various personalities and values. But no matter how different we were, and how far apart we sit in the class, it was such a blast, really.
Unity in diversity indeed.

Waking up at 6.30 am to watch the sunrise. Well worth it, really.
Love 'em all to bits.

But wait, what's a beach holiday without a jumping picture eh?
Holidays always get to me.

We all need to jump once in a while.


MyKy said...

Wah... This is like ancient news rite? Haha! So nice la the views. I only get to see my laptop display screen every morning... ><

Matia said...

People should read this.