Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sitting around

Thanks feli for the internet connection!

There's a clock on my table and it's ticking away. A square box-like object, it cuts a lonely figure in the corner, away from the sea of messiness that threatens to engulf Time. It's inching closer tho.

Poor thing.

Dear void that is cyberspace, I'm not doing too good in tests but its alright.
Sometimes things get a lil' unbearable but thats okay,
Sitting down at the table to study might seem like a pain, but its just a pain in the butt.
It will go away soon enough.

Life is still full of unexpected surprises, that comes in all shapes and colours, even rockets and greens.
There is still humour, if only you would look for it in all the unlikely places.
And there is still love, if you'd allow it into your heart.

must go study now.

Sigh. Fine. You win.

Bye people!


Samuel said...

rockets.. and green.. haha:D

amy-da-great said...

I guess I'm not that subtle after all!

MyKy said...

What's with rockets and greens? Apa wei? Has something to do with white backdrop and moonlight?

amy-da-great said...



white backdrop and moonlight?!
wow man..

red rockets and greens...flags...think harder kin wai..

Samuel said...

totally... not so subtle at all... if not because now election fever is still burning.. i think most probably i wont be able to understand that phrase... but too bad


MyKy said...

amy.... YOU, think harder... Haha