Sunday, March 23, 2008

Double, double, toil and trouble

Nah, kawan, dah update pun!

It has been a long, long time since I've had a weekend in which I don't have to study. I mean, it would be best to study but there is no freaking test waiting for me when sulk back to Uni so yeah read : bye bye books.

For 2 days at least.

2 days of pure bliss for my tired body and mind. Such sheer, unadulterated bliss that I slept purata 10 hours each night. Double that I would get back in ye ol' UM.
I would have slept longer if not for my dad's
"Wake up lor! It's already 1 pm forgoodnesssake!"
and mom's tut-tuts.

Almost tempted to retort,
"Aiya, dear mummy, my sleeping genes are from you."
One word that will forever remind me of a lecturer but that's another story.

So it was a weekend where I could do whatever I want and one which I felt propelled me to a new degree of independence and got me thinking about life in general, and in particular of a girl in her twenties. You see, I drove to Uni and back ON MY OWN for class on Friday.

You might be thinking, what's the big deal? You're already 22 years old for pete's sake.
Now, if you don't know me very well, or rather my parents very well, I am one of those who grew up in a very protective cocoon.
I'm not saying that it is necessarily a bad thing but sometimes I do feel that being brought up the way that I was brought up, granted, I'm not smoking pot or playing truant but I'm probably not that assertive as I would have been otherwise.
A few examples ,

" Where'd you wanna go?"
"Erm, anywhere."

"What do you wanna eat?"
"Erm, anything."

"You wanna jump off the cliff?"
"Erm, anything la. You want me to jump I'll jump."

I feel at times, that I'm the epitome of a crowd pleaser and some of the times, during those times, I just wish I could just give myself a big kick in the ass.
WTH? Cannot think for youself ar?!

And as silly and outrageous as it sounds, driving alone, to me actually forces you to be more decisive and therefore more independent. You see, it's solely your decision to speed, it's your decision to change lanes and you alone decide where you want to park and how you park it
You want to scratch your car? Go ahead, scratch away-more power to you, dude.
There is no one else to guide you and decide for you. You can't very well wind down your window and scream to the next car,
"Eh, can I cut you ar?!"

You just do it.
When you feel like it.

Who knew that a car key holds so much meaning to it.
Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

It's always good to have girlfriends, and always fun to meet up and talk, gossip whatever. Had a great dinner with uni pals on Weds and managed to meet up with Cyen and then with Esther these few days. It's funny that the topic will invariably turn to love lives or rather the lack of it in my case.


Not one to whine.


MyKy said...

Whoa.. Simmei drives yo uni, alone!! Woot woot!

Ya la u oughta think more for yourself and stop being a crowd pleaser.

Samuel said...

err.. very happy no more exam.. haha, you sounds more like ranting up there ...

buttercup said...

who say no one to whine to wo?

i'm listening here.. really i am.. u can msn me. hehe!

good luck and ganbade ya!

amy-da-great said...


It's a hard habit to kick, that one.
But am working on it..
Yet, is it that bad to be less selfish and more 'for the bigger picture' by agreeing with what's being said?

Haha..I am? no lar..very happy that I don't have to bury my head in books..

yeap! thanks dude..I know you'd be there..
But I mean't that I'm Not going to whine, not no one to whine to..but if I ever do whine,
your phone will be ringing, no worries..

MyKy said...

But if u focus too much on the bigger picture, u'll be too small a dot in the whole damn portrait at the end.
Heck, u may even get left out..

Think for bigger picture yes, but make sure YOU are in the picture as well, and a significant one

amy-da-great said...


yeap. I do agree that voicing our opinions are important, & that without a voice, you won't be able to give other people a sense of who you are.

But being overzealous and not knowing when to shut up isn't too good as well.

I guess it's a matter of tact?
Which is a skill to be learned as well, no?

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