Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday oh Sunday

Music is playing at the background, blasting away in my ears. I can see couples beside me, studying- well , maybe not couples- but a guy and a girl nonetheless; STUDYING which is what I should probably do right now actually.
Ah but it's Sunday night. I need something to boost me up to prepare for the week ahead.

Have you ever tried reading a book, spending time and energy and brain cells in delving into the intricate characters and plots, all the way to the end only to find out that the last few pages has been ripped off ?!

@!#%$ !

beh tahan man!

The Seminar was, well, a typical seminar, with talks and Q & A sessions and of course, food. I mananged to stay awake for the first two talks, one on the importance of education and the other being about politics but by the third and the last, about economics- sorry la.

My story book got the better of me ( was reading Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison if you must know, the book with no ending. @!*#%$!)

The rest of my coursemates naturally buried their heads in their notes and books thoughout the whole day.

"Eh, very stressed leh looking at you guys studying. Make me feel darn guilty."

"See you read storybook, we lagi stress."

so who's the stress-er and who's the stress-ee?


lw said...

prolly the previous reader got so fed up about the ending that he/she ripped it off???? So, you ought to imagine it's ending at the most pessimistic point of view... haha

kinwai said...

Kesian nye... If it's me i'll curse throughout the whole damn day.

But i won't face such problems i guess, my dad take good care of his books =p

Studying is what i should be doing right now as well. Test 2moro (25%??!!). Hahaha

amy-da-great said...

*sigh. what to do.. that book costs me approximately 1 buck.

Now, I just need to get into a bookstore and read the last few pages..