Saturday, March 24, 2007

Of vomit, microphones and involuntary manslaughter.

I'm home.

I had been intimate with my notes in college the past 2 weeks for heaven-sent tests, and had broken my personal puking record in the process.
Current record : 11 pukes in barely an hour.
Midway through that delightful process I decided to not waste energy climbing in and out of bed, and stayed in the toilet instead.
Waiting for my stomach to contract and my vomiting centre to scream bloody murder "Now !"

But I digress.

I remotely remember that I'd blog about the debate I stupidly signed up for out of sheer exasperation on how boring my life had become, without considering the consequences, and so I will.

I idiotically thought that it would be like in school, debating about McD being better than KFC and durians being better than mangosteens; Beauty better than brains (Memories!) but when I found out that the motion was to be :

" Homosexuality : An in-born abnormality or mere confusion" ,

I almost vomitted blood .

How does one go about debating something that is quite undebatable? On one hand you have scientific facts supporting the genetics theory and on the other, studies that supposedly show otherwise. A fight of "my facts are better than yours, and yours should be in the rubbish bin instead."

And on hindsight, it's quite disturbing and admittedly insensitive, not to mention absurd for people, self-defined "normal" people (who's to say what's normal?) to debate about something that is personal.
How could we even think that we have the right to throw words back and forth about something that we cannot even remotely fathom unless we experience it ourselves?
How could we speak, as if we are like spectators scrutinizing other human beings on show, defining and confining them into boxes?

Never judge until you've "walked two moons in his mocassins (you wear 'em over your feet)", so to speak.

I'm embarassed. And I'm sorry if I've offended you.

But anyway, I lost and that was embarassing as well. lol.

I wasn't really nervous that day, as I had classes up to 7 pm to occupy my thoughts but when I met up with my teammate- a guy who was conned into taking part by one of my chi-muis- and we rehearsed, I was one bubbling nervous wreck!
I couldn't string simple sentences together and totally couldn't decipher what I wrote on my cue cards. (I was the whip, i.e the fella who rebuts lar basically) Team mate on the other hand, spoke fluent, Band 6 English.

What did I get myself into?

Time was running out, it was scheduled to start at 8.15 pm.
I had dinner. But appetite went MIA.

What did I get myself into?

Bathed, had friends pick up an outfit and rehearsed again.

OMG ! What. did. I. get. myself. into?

It didn't help to find out that one of the teams, from UiTM comprised of law students.
Fooling around with the camera helped ease the tension a little but when people start trickling in and the judges brought the UM debate club members to watch, it became very surreal.

Nonetheless when the ball started rolling, I had no choice but to force amy da Great Pretender to the fore.

Being the closing government's whip, I was the second last speaker.
The whole thing was getting pretty serious and factual. I originally thought that this British Parliamentary style of debating was supposed to be witty so when it was my turn to speak I pretty much decided; to hell with it, have fun instead.
Being the only girl among the 8 up there onstage, I milked every ounce of sarcastic sweetness I could muster.
Thank God the floor laughed when they were supposed to.
It was a rush and it reminded me of the good ol' days.
Minus the fact that we lost, and the fact that I probably made a fool out of myself, it was exhilarating.

Ah well.
I owe someone 2 weeks and a meal.

-With Chi-muis-

Apa nak buat?

I killed an innocent child the other day.
From drug overdose.

Overlooked the patient's age amidst the mayhem that is my lab session and prepared an adult form of simple linctus (cough mixture) instead of the Paediatric form.

Result : Got a blardy 10.5 out of a possible 100 for that particular preparation in one of my practicals.

That's like satu per sepuluh man.

Kin Wai's reaction was bigger than mine was though, lol.

I guess it should be alright. It'll be added up with other practical marks and the average constituting 10 %.
Should be alright one lar hor.



ButTeRcUp said...

wow.... you really got a tough debate there. and the lab... haha! dun worry.. we all make mistakes all the time rite? and this is just a lab, make sure no other time k? else you'll get ur lisence hang!

ganbade and all the best!

kinwai said...

ARGH!! my comment went missing!!

amy-da-great said...


Yeah, nobody's perfect right?
=) I'll do my best to not kill anyone else..

Type again lar!