Saturday, July 10, 2010

I know that...[1]

I know Oprah has been doing this since the inception of 'O'; but an article that I read today on this-personal truths caught my eye and spirit.

So I think I'd want to to start a series on my personal truths, whenever they hit me. My 'A-ha' moments (gotta love Mama Oprah), things that I know to be true, probably interspersed with my values, if you will.


Part 1 :

I know for sure that things happen for a reason.

In life, oftentimes we face forked stoned-paved paths that curved downwards, blocking what is ahead from our view. The left one? or the right? Uncertain of what's ahead, we get crippled by fear. And we find ourselves standing at this crossroads for the longest time, head and heart askew.

Or while we are happily skipping on a chosen path, we tripped on a stone and fall, tumbling onto the road, or the grassy bank. And we find ourselves sitting there for the longest time, nursing a scraped knee, tears welling-up, threatening to be free.

As things unfold, we question ourselves, we think of the Why. We question the Universe, we converse with God. We curse, we could not understand or we don't want to, sometimes.

But as we pick ourselves up and take the first step towards a chosen road; as we stick a plaster to our knee (after washing with clean water and applying antiseptic), we find that we are now open to opportunities that would not have been there if not for that experience, that perceived injustice that had happened to us.

And we find that we are not alone in this, that our backs and buttocks are always being supported, that the choices we make will work out in the end. For both roads are perfect and right in its own special way.

With a plastered knee we trod along, the roses still bloom, the leaves of the trees still sway oblivious. And everything comes into place in its own time. Highly probable that it may not be tomorrow, or the day after, but in its own time. And when that arrives, we realize that we are blessed.

For the human experience, is a journey. A journey of little moments-the jolts and brakes; the light and pretty.
Either way, a journey without an end.
Just the way it's supposed to be.

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