Saturday, July 10, 2010

I forgot the password to my Blog

Dear Blog,

Esther mentioned about my blog being, well, very much dead - which is true, for I have not visited it myself for the past 3 months? I didn't have the urge to write, even in my own Diary - private until the death, that's for sure.

But I picked up the pen again, the other day and well here I am, finding myself typing '' on that white thingy you type URL's in. I'm not techno-savvy enough to know what it's called. Not even sure if the term URL is even correct. URL : Ultra Rightist Leftie?

Life has been interesting, life has been a blessing, life has been rough; life has been very fickle with me. And dear Hao Shen, I'm still bubbly and I love life, always in awe of the awesomeness in the air we breathe; but I think I'm more cynical now [ which I don't like very much, I might add :( ] Maybe one day I will lose that, it's a phase I need to get through. :)

I guess life throws me lessons that I need to learn, necessary for me to grow and be more centred, whole and true.

I'm going to graduate soon, onto a new phase of life. Excited? A little. Terrified? You have no idea, man. Being a true blue Taurean, change is not my best friend but nothing is ever constant but change. I'm changing, to receive change. To embrace it with all my heart.

I'm truly blessed, life has been enlightening. I'm grateful I don't have to pay back my PTPTN (Hahahahaaha *delirious)
and my Thesis went well, after all that stress; truly a manifestation of everything happening for a reason.


if I am incredibly lucky to get that award that come with that oh-so-mouth-watering cash prize, I'm able to pay back my parents and my education is F-R-E-E! Which is what I've always wanted.

I was happy to be shortlisted of course, but it wasn't foremost on my mind. But then..after the interview and learning how much it would mean- oh man. I really really want it! The other students who were there deserve it too I know, and I know deep down that I would be happy for the person who wins it.

But macha, winning it would be crazy wei.

I'm grateful for the chance lar of course.
So stop dreaming about it already! But I really want to make a Valedictorian speech-like you see in movies? Although people might be busy cam-whoring, but thinking bout it gives me goosebumps.

Oh well, either way, I'm grateful. *silent prayer*

Thank you. :)


Esther said...

*cross fingers for you that you'll get the speech too! :))

yipeng said...

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