Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's Sunday night and I'm bored out of my wits.

Tears come for no reason and then they go away.

The highs and lows are back again, Feli.
Just when I thought that it was over.

But I have faith that it will go away. That I'll be stronger. That the both of us will be stronger. I'm 200% positive about that.

I believe that with all my heart.


Had fun with parents today.
Did a little bit of shopping, finally!
And gave mom her birthday present.
It's a pair of pink pearl earrings which luckily she liked; though I bought her earrings for her birthday countless times before. Heh.

Oh well, only like what 3 times only ma.
When you've bought so many birthday prezzies for the mom, you kind of run out of things to buy.
Wait la har. When I've earned loads of moo-lah, I'll buy her a holiday or some designer bag which I know she really wants but cannot afford.

Till then, hope that my love would make the small gifts suffice! *grins


I'm staying back in college out of choice.
For thesis sake and to settle a lot of things pending.

I thought I'll be okay, with the one I love being so close.
Closer than if I was home.
I figured we'd spend more time together, now with exams out of the way.

But right now I feel so blardy alone.

Ever more so than ever.


Gypsy On The Move said...

When you come back, we have to hang out okay? =)
Hang in tight there. Things will get better soon.

ButTeRcUp said...

wei! I actually thought you abandoned ur blog!!! how are u doing now? hope things are not too bad that the exams are now away.

keep in touch!

Danielle said...

do you think we are bipolar?
nah, j/k

on a more serious note, tell me about it...
up and down happens as intermittently as i breathe... :P
freaky and consoling at the same time that 2 ppl from diff backgrounds and personalities can experience an almost exact same kind of emotions at almost the same time...

thanks for being there, simmei!
i know i've said this a million times but don't know what i'll do without you!


MyKy said...

Olol staying back in college? Coolio, cos i'm coming to UM for Royals Debate next week XD