Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I need a clearer head with sleep but sleep is avoiding my like a plague

Sometimes I wonder,

What have I gotten myself into?

Is it all that worth it?


Experienced the raw manifestation of sheer tactlessness today.

And what I absolutely beh tahan is that I allowed them to see me in a moment of weakness.

When I so needed strength- it deserted me.
A distinct reminder yet again, that I am only human.

I'm never quick to anger, but in this case -
I really cannot see the sincere intentions of it all; other than hypocrisy and narcissism.
At least at this very moment.

Which is really, very sad.

Belittling people covered in a thin, translucent shroud of an excuse;
dosn't justify the meaning of service in the smallest sense.

If you can't see that, then I wish you a happy life.
Like, sincerely.


Hao Shen said...

Oi you really could be a poet leh. Every post these days seems to me like a poetry that have to be deciphered by ppl like me in order to understand the msg. Haha but everytime i read it I still don't get it :-)

amy-da-great said...

To Hao Shen come back la. I decipher for you. lol

Aiya, the more vague it is, the less chance of it being detected. lol.