Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ahhh...Chooo. Excuse-moi

Donkey betul..

Thought can enjoy to the maximum the last few days of holidays but kena quarantined pulak.
It's a choice I made; social responsibility man! lol.
I even stayed home two nights in a row while parents went out.

But should be okay I guess. I am monitoring my temperature religiously and so far no fever nor any symptoms of flu.
Out of social obligation, went to report myself to the hospital today but they will only test those with symptoms.
The person in charge said I don't even have to self-quarantine. -____- Adipavi!

Wanted to check into my hostel since I was already in KL but they will only check in medical students from Klang.

I'm also from Klang wat.

Oh well, at least I could bring mom to breakfast and spend some quality time.

Latent period of H1N1 is about 4 days which makes today the 4th day since my last contact with a patient.
So far feeling fine.
So yes, I will want to meet people tomorrow. Contact-Deprived!

"Nah. Drink this, the chinese medical hall fella say this herb is good for H1N1 one"

Wah. Got such thing one ar. Trust the sinseh for a cure for anything!
Sigh. Also have to drink la.

No worries, peeps!=) I'll just use the extra holidays to laze some more. lol.


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