Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moi? Fashionista? oOoo Merci!

With this much time on my hands, it figures that I would start surfing aimlessly on the internet; and looking up sites that I wouldn't normally do.

Like this one :

Back in ye ol' days, I sometimes do lament the lack of branded or cool clothes; but I'm pretty glad that I'm past that stage (that's what I tell myself) and that I had that adolescent experience in the early millenium rather than now.

Looking at kids these days, they do grow up way faster than our generation: the 80s' babies.
When I was their age, I used to dress in my brother's oversized t-shirts. And the amazing part was that I thought I looked damn cool. Seriously. Together with that centre-parted short hair.
Can't imagine living through that again in this PSP, Nokia and Sony world. Boy am I glad that that phase is over..

Oh wait. I still have his old shirts in my cupboard but that's different....

I admittedly, am never informed about fashion, the trends and the like; influenced mainly by the lack of funds to splurge on 'Style Essential Buys' and 'Top 10 Things To Own in Your Wardrobe'.

If I have 20 bucks in my pocket, chances are I would buy another book with it. Obviously something I cannot wear.

I'm still a girl though, and I do enjoy fashion; shows that is. It's fun to see other people having makeovers and beautiful clothes. My closet favourite is still 'America's Next Top Model'.
Hard to guess eh?

Having browsed through several fashion pages, I do feel like a semi-pro.

Now all I need is the cash.



Anonymous said...

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