Monday, June 08, 2009

Go Lakers Go Lakers Go!

Kena tembak kau kau for not updating. lol.
Oh well!

It's always best to give everything you're doing, your all.

For example, if you're playing basketball, you should give it your 100%; faster, harder, stronger.

If you're working on a project, you should give it your utmost commitment.

So if you're on a holiday like yours truly, it's really quite obvious that you should do nothing but bummed your bum bum away.

Shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon!

Yeap. That's basically what I've been doing these few weeks. Waking up relatively early, have some breakfast, read the papers front to back, watch some tv and pack my stuff.

For some reason, my family seems to be content in shifting our stuff from home one box per day. A perfect illustration of 'Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit.' I'm in the process of transporting me books. Bucketloads.
To the uninitiated, I am, proudly a collector of books and a groupie of warehouse sales.
The first time I set sights on a 2nd hand bookstore, I thought I was dreaming.
When I stepped into my first Pay-Less Warehouse Sales, I thought I've gone to heaven.

As the smelly aroma of dusky old books fill the room and I gently wipe away the thick dust that covers the yellow pages, shaking off tiny specks into the atmosphere; memories of heroines, the unknowns and pipe-smoking detectives come flooding back.
In bits and minced pieces of course.

And that's minus all my notes and old school books and stuff. Sigh, why did I keep em in the first place? Lesson to self : Keeping just in case, is absolutely no good for a clutter-free home.

As for all the children's books, I probably would donate them to an orphanage or kids of friends of mom.


Its times like this that I wish I have a car, a car to zoom away to far away distances of food and good company. I would show up at friends' place beeping and we'd rush off to savour exotic dishes and laugh our asses off.

And when 5 pm comes, I would gallop on this imaginary horse straight to Subang. Haha.

But that horse ain't appearing just yet. Darn.


And yeap, introduced Adam to almost everyone in the gang yesterday at 'Siva's' Housewarming. It's an 'all-at-once-want-to-bully-now's-the-only-chance' thingy.
It was fun seeing them all after sooo long.
Didn't scare him, so thats good.
I KNOW you guys talked about us once we've left. lol.
Don't bluff.

So, Uni friends done, Form 5 friends done. Which leaves us with Primary School Friends, Pre-Form 4 Friends, Form 6 Friends and Non-schoolmates. And Miscellaneaous. Hah.

And of course, that small, teeny bit matter of my family. *Ahem.


In case you're wondering why I'm so free, I'm waiting for the new semester's Registration to be open.
Supposed to open at 9 a.m.; it's now 9.55 a.m.

Wow. Way to go UM, man.


Want to go watch Lakers beat Orlando Magic's buttocks.


Riku_sien said...

LOL...i didn't talk about you all!!! (more chance...haha..)

eh...bila mau bagi bomb merah? XD

amy-da-great said...

Hahaha..bomb merah ar?

Not so fast la friend! Must give you guys time to save up also mar right..


Riku_sien said...

LOL....true true..aiya..nvm la....bagi discount la..LOL..
btw, your bf damn sporting la..haha....
funny dude....LOL

Esther said...

go lakers! no, i don't watch. hahah.

when's my turn?? lol
c u tmr :)

amy-da-great said...


Yala.. He enjoying himself, seeing me being bullied. lol


Soon soon!
Told him that I die die also have to bring him go see you. Haha.

See! You're so big shot leh. Heh heh