Monday, November 03, 2008


Threads of thoughts :


Exams are here, palpable and so near, I could feel its breath and its touch.
But its touch is neither icy nor cold.
Surprisingly warm, oddly unfamiliar but expression-less though.
As much as I would want to do well, I'll leave it up to those up there and time, to play out the events when they are due and I hope by then,I would have the grace to accept it at face value, learn and move on.


Oh darn clock.
I wish you could stop a while and let me rest?


I love my family, my family loves me. I miss my family,
My family miss me?
Of course.
Everyone misses me.


Being stuck within 4 walls isn't that fun really.
Thank god
For wild imagination
Lots of patience



The floodgates that guard my emotions are burst open for some reason.
Triggered by something.
Or someone.

I feel more, Cry a whole lot more and
Think more than I've ever thought before;
Which is pretty darn scary because I think hor,
My cranium will just explode one day due excessive thoughts.
But oddly enough, I can so Blur sometimes I hate it so much.


Knowledge, don't desert me please?
Lock you up and keep you safe in this soon-to-explode cranium.


Clock's still ticking.



Peace be with you.


Hao Shen said...

Oi sim sim apa khabar? Still alive and kicking?

Esther said...

so the You in the 4th note?! hehhe. can't wait for mine to be over also so can go out together guilt-free. lol

MyKy said...

lulz another one has fallen....

amy-da-great said...

to-Hao Shen

Hao Gay!!
I'm still alive, definitely feel like kicking someone because it's exams

But i'm good nonetheless. How are you? Haven't heard from you in ages la..when you coming back?

The You,
is you la!
heh heh..

Yeah man, I really really need to go out!

eh...what do you mean by that wei brother?