Sunday, October 19, 2008


Papa, I love you so.

If anything were to happen to you,

I would die, die, die.
I really would.

There'd be a void in me that will not heal as fast as it expands, into infinite darkness.

That morning happened, and You forced the rest to not tell me.

To keep me in the dark, unknowingly going through life as if nothing freaking happened.


Papa, there was a chance of me not feeling your arms around me again,
hugging me close.
Of my hand in your warm, calloused hand,
Of you kissing me good night, good bye, good evening and good morning.

If things were to go horribly wrong, I could never see your smile again.
Never see that twinkle, never hear that mischief in your voice.
Oh dear Lord,

I was strong but I choked. I didn't mean to.
The tears flowed when I saw you yesterday.
I couldn't stop shaking and you held me close.
Oh dear Lord
I could feel your warmth.
Thank you.
You wiped my tears dry and you wiped yours too
It's alright, it's alright.

It's not alright; I could have lost you forever. I could have, I could have.
If things were different, I could have.

My heart's broken, my spirits shaken and my soul bleeding.
Every time I think of you.

And the tears flow, even now.
Even now.

I can feel you, papa.
You're here.
I need you to hold me again, to reassure me I'm not dreaming.
That You're still here. Still here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you,
Thank You.

* Dad met with an accident on Monday,
he's still here.
That's all that matters.


Samuel said...

Now I know why your facebook status is - ' no longer yourself '

hope everythin will be fine..


Be strong :D

Anonymous said...

hope uncle will be alright.. God bless him and family.. Stay strong..

buttercup said...

yeah thank god he's ok.

now, must remember ya, family always comes first, elses, seconds.

Ya Hwee said...

take care ya sim mei,ur dad gonna be alright.hope he will recover soon.

kaoru86 said...

hey gal, it's pohsuan here.. stumbled upon da link 2 ur blog in a mutual fren's.. neva good wif giving encouraging words, but i sincerely hope everything's fine now.. a speedy recovery 2 ur dad n may god bless him n ur family.. owez appreciate ppl around u n be strong gal!

aisze said...

hi strong ya..
pray for ur family
if got anything u need, just tell us. we will sure reach out our hands and hold urs...

amy-da-great said...

dear everyone,

Thank you so much, for all the encouraging words, thoughts and prayers.

I'm really thankful for good friends such as you guys =)

Dad is recovering well, restless as usual and itching to do all that he's used to. lol.

I think this event has brought my famiy closer, which is a good thing. I wish for your family to be safe, happy and together always too. May we always remember to tell them that we love them!

Thanks once again guys!