Saturday, April 07, 2007


Knock Knock

What's that I hear?

Knock. Knock.

Shuffling of feet.


A small being, covered in a black cloak stands, dripping.
With what?

It grows huge, menacing, towering, shivering.
Emitting a stiffling aura.
What's that smell?

Evil Laughter.



p/s : I shall be MIA for some time
Hugs & Kisses!


buttercup said...

swt... i tot wat story.. mana tau,

FINAL pulak...

li ern said...

a huge starfish, only the two bottom limbs covered with lime green pants, dripping too, with seawater.

runs up to you, asks you what his name is, he can't remember...

you tell him, "Patrick"...XD

pretty soon you'll be in your lounge watching Spongebob Squarepants...the day will come, the day will come...

kinwai said...

HAHA. Knew something was wrong. Black figure dripping wit blood?

I know i just came back from IHL debate, almost got me...

"Civilians must be protected!"

buttercup said...

yo li ern! haha! there's a patrick in UTAR too u know? and he's much much err.. i think mayb u know him better than i did! lolz!

amy aunty! hahaha! greeting you Happy Birthday in advance!

oh well. i think by then it's belated birthday d when u read this. hah! nvm! gnabade in finals ya!