Sunday, February 19, 2006

Snapshots of Melaka, Bandar Bersejarah

In case anyone missed me over the weekend, which I doubt very much anyone did, I was in Malacca, with me family.

Presenting...*drumrolls*.. snapshots of Malacca!

First up, Holland. With yellow, 'tahi ayam' flowers.. according to my aunt. But I didn't go smell them to confirm though.

A clock tower near Stadhuys. Didn't get to go up to the museum eventhough I'd like to. "Hmm..darling..shall we go for a stroll on the absolutely adorable flower-adorned trishaw?"

Who am I kidding. Most probably, "Eh, Want to sit ar?"

Mary does your garden grow?

With something bells and something shells, and pretty maidens all in a row!

At the Jonker Walk.

"Everybody turn behind ! Take picture !"


Explored antiquities, fridge magnets, souvenirs, laksa, chendol, road side dim sum, fried 'lou pak ko', round bread, waffle get the drift.

There was this karaoke competition going on too..Chinese oldies and CNY songs..One of the contestants even came on full swing in a 'Choy San' costume..with beard, platforms and all!


Malacca, lovely place to lepak, chill and eat.

Soak up on the culture and

at the same time, soak up

the Sun.

Burning sun.

Travelling's great...especially with loved ones!

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