Saturday, February 11, 2006


Been tagged for the first time and I've only just got the time to reply. Paiseh !
The truth is, it's Friday night ( technically Saturday morning) and I ain't wanna sleep. I'm gonna stay awake and savour the moment of knowing I don't have to work tomorrow as long as possible because I know that if I sleep, it'll just be a matter of moments before I wake up and it'll be a brand new day. A day closer to Monday.
Logical? Yes? NO.
Hmm..okay..It's about 5 weird habits that I have? Lets see if I'm able to fit 5..

numero uno : I always find myself saying a quiet prayer for the deceased and his/her family whenever I pass by a funeral. Any funeral. I'd pray that he/she will rest in peace and that the family would be all right. I'll even say a prayer whenever I see a plane flying by. A prayer that they'll arrive at their destinations safely and well. Weirder still, I'll pray for whoever's in a shrieking, speeding ambulance. Man , I pray too much!

numero erm.. dos? (two la!) : Admittedly, I have a smelly pillow. To those who's not in the know, I DO. It's been with me since birth, and now, 20 years later, it's all torn and tattered where the original casing is separated into 2 pieces due to wear. Strands of cloth everywhere and evidence of me trying to stitch the fragile pieces back together. Maybe it's not That weird, but each night I'll place my treasured pillow beside me under the fan, on the bed. I'll wait for it to cool to a temperature that's just nice before snuggling close to it to sleep. I don't know why I bother anyway, before long, it'll be as warm as me. Though some may attest that it's just not possible since I'm cold-blooded. Yeah.

numero tres : You might not know it but I'm One Big Sentimental Baby. I'm a rubbish collector. I have the habit of collecting little things and big things that might be of some sentimental value to me, just for remembrance sake. I still have wrapping papers of presents from friends, pieces of ribbons, strings from packages, pieces of paper, bits of plastics that bear some importance in my life, bottle caps, a sweet wrapper from the last day of school, a shell from Batu Feringghi, drawings, scribbles and loads, loads more. I even have a strand of hair from 1999? or was it 2000? Argh.

numero cuatro : This habit is attributed to my brother. You see, he's so vain that he'll catch a reflection of himself whenever he can. Mirrored escalators, car windows, etc. Now, I find myself doing it too. Albeit, more discretely. Even then, I'm NOT vain. Honest! Blek.

numero cinco : ....... this is harder than I thought!
Ok, this might not be weird but I have none left! Here goes..I try not to step on books, newspapers, papers, bags or anything that has remotely anything to do with knowledge. In the event that I find myself doing it, I'll touch the item that was unfortunately in contact with my smelly feet, with my hand (what else? my feet? *gasp* twice the evil ! ) to my heart 3 times. As a sign of respect I guess? Wonder if anybody else does it..

That's 5 ! I'm good.

Now, who shall I tag?
I tag YOU.
Yes, you.
You poor thing who is reading this now.
Humour me?

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