Friday, February 11, 2005

a quick note from the pearl of the orient

it's the 3rd day of chinese new year and i can safely say i'm having a blast..!
The reunion dinner was great with all the noisy bickerings and all the rushing towards the steamboat first everyone was like grabbing everything in sight like we've haven't eaten for god knows how long but after that, it's actually physically impossible to lift ur butt of the seat.
after that......the annual Gambling Olympics officially started..with all its pompous glamour, i.e the tearing off of the cards' plastic wrapper and shouts of "lai lai lai! 21 ! 21 !" or "bacarat bacarat!" even as of now, there's a blackjack game going on riiiiight beside me..*sniff* lost a few games just now..cis..
but okla....won the pool money last nite..about 100 bucks? lol! but all my cuz are all bugging me to belanja back to square one la..
then we went house-visiting and angpau-collecting and weight-gaining.
my gawd! my life revolved around food these days!

"CAN'T" wait to get back and sit for the exams..
shit la.

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