Monday, February 21, 2005

i almost couldn't take the pressure of staying in school anymore during those few days of exams(actually it's just a test anyway) and a few had no choice but to hear my whining of wanting to marry a rich guy, not study anymore and just enjoy life ya knoe?scratch that...make it me having money flying down on my lap whenever i need it, and me living in a cute cosy hut by the beach surrounded by friends and family by the beach, waking up whenever i want and doing whatever i like.
It's like suddenly i could literally feel and touch the pressure and make sense of the shadows of fear flickering by.....*oooh..deep* But it's just a feeling and it everything else. Sometimes i DO feel like i'm taking on more than i can handle but i guess sometimes i just overestimate myself. I brought it all on myself anyway but come to think of it, the memories, both bile-bitter and revoltingly sweet, and the ppl i meet makes it all worthwhile and i hope learn something out of it all.
right now, i'm thinking wouldn't it be nice if everyone would be totally honest with each other? it's true when they say a human's mind is infathomable.

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