Saturday, April 03, 2010


Honesty's the best policy, as they always say - most irritatingly.

But that's what I want, at this conjuncture of life- to be more honest with myself and the people around me.

Being nice is hard, it's tiring, it's quite some energy-sucking monster.

I want to be true, to be good to the core of me, to have a heart, a heart of warmth and kindness.


Now there's a word I don't hear often. Or often enough.

Oh man. I don't feel like myself recently, seems easily irritated.

Which is why I'm glad I'm home. Keeps me grounded. And safe. And I feel more like me again. Wholesome. Yeah, right.


Thoughts manifests themselves into reality, interestingly.

I was missing the gang, and Pei Sze came back and we had drinks at Jeth on Friday night.

Was thinking bout Popeye's and the family and I had that for dinner.

I kind of lost touch with Chandhu, and we met up for breakfast today. =D

Was thinking bout Esther, and I met her parents and aunt at the Optometrist's. Okay maybe that one was a bit off. But still.

And I went to watch a movie with the family after soooo long.
Was sitting there and wondering when was the last time we went to the movies together. Almost a year I think. The dynamics have changed quite a bit as now I'll watch with Adam; parents will watch every Weds by themselves (sometimes even on Tuesdays) and brother...well, he has my cousin, or he'll happily go alone.

But today, there were the four of us. Two buckets of popcorns and as usual, brother and I gobbled up parents' share as well.

And as I sat there, I remember....

That my dad likes to comment during movies.

A lot.

and Loudly.

And I had to shrink in my seat. lol.

But I love him anyways.


And I had McDonaldswantanmee,sweetpotatoes,sakaesushi,toastbread,currychicken,popcorn,BBQplaza today


and I love my bed.

And I should study or at least work on my thesis.

But I'm sleepy...

and I think I should sleep.

Yes yes yes.

I should.


And oh! It was raining and I was walking to class and...random poetry. What's better than randomness?

Murder is in the smell of the
The skies are heavy,
With droplets
And it poured.
Oh it poured.

Lightning sparked across the skies
Oh it thundered
And blood gushed...down.

The dirty stains
Drew patterns
on the muddy soaked floor.
Spoke of heartless killings
Cold. Bloody. Shiver.

Oh when it rained
Murder reigned.

Peer closely,
See the snuffed lives
On the floor,
See pieces

Pieces of the soul.

Look closely,
and see

Ye crushed, murdered



Hao Shen said...

Wah so sien wan you seem so dark and dreary. What happen la sim mei. I thought you're always cheerful bubbly kinda person and moody, dreary and emo stuff is not in you?? What happen? :-)

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