Friday, December 04, 2009

Flip Flip Flip

Am flipping through (like pages) blogs / sites offering clothes/accessories for sale; triggered by Esther's tales of getting a hair straightener.

I'm supposed to be doing my thesis.

I must say, things are actually pretty cheap! And very the tempting.

But cannot lar. Something's stopping me. The Penang kiam-siapness probably. Heh.

Though I do sometimes wonder what it would be like if I would loosen my purse strings a little *wriggly fingers like Ebenezer Scrooge* for pretty little things to wear and twirl in. Look at me Look at me!

haih. But no.

Not now. Now I'm just a pig-nerd-in-glasses; whose spending is limited to good food and loads of books to add to the collection; untouched and unread yet.

I'm thinking maybe later, when I earn my own money? Then I'll probably be the first in line to shopping malls. Buying trendy things that make people's eyes pop. For good reasons of course. Because I'm so darn hot that's why.

And buying my mom a designer bag.

OMG. My goals so materialistic one. Beh tahan. lol.

But shit la.

The cocktail dresses online are so drool-worthy.

Donkey betul. -__-


Esther said...

lol. esther decided not to get a straightener. cos she's super broke. maybe i should consider the pasar malam one. rm39. ahahhahaha

amy-da-great said...


Haha. Get that one and pretty soon it'll be Botak-Esther. Cool what...can start a trend. lol