Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lesson for today

I know I know, I have a paper tomorrow.


But I just have to let this one go.

It's so easy to lose oneself, to a relationship; agreeing just to keep the peace.

But I've learned today that it's so stupid of me to think that I should compromise my thoughts for the sake of an artificial sense of 'well-being'.

So unreal because even if it looks alright at the surface,
that surface will never remain unbroken forever - as fragile as it actually is.

I've learned that it's perfectly okay to disagree;
that he'll still be there even if we clash in opinions-so long that we talk it through and that our intentions are good.

But not petty arguments, of course.

It stems from insecurity, I know. And the years of being a crowd-pleaser.
A defender of peace, an advocate of 'Anything-la.'

From the outside, I always thought that I'm smarter than that, that I'm stronger than that. But I guess being in it, is a whole different ballgame altogether.
I've fallen into traps that I've vowed never to fall.

I'm glad that you made me see the error of my ways. For giving me that wake up call.
For showing me that I'm letting myself slip through my grasp.

And for loving me throughout it all.

That's the lesson I've learned,

For today.

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