Saturday, February 02, 2008

The night I chose the fluttering angel

Part 1 :

C : "Eh? Where's sim mei lar?"

Roomie : "Oh, She decided to go to the Buddhist Society's Hymns Concert instead"

C : "She blew off clubbing with us over that?"


How 'Lil' Miss Goody-two-shoes' more can I get?


For the record, I decided to go to the concert as a show of support for this friend of mine who's in the commitee. I've already given my word, and I was shoved responsibilities at the last minute; so yeah, the angel on my left shoulder won and the devil poofed away.

Angel : 1 , Devil : 0.


Part II :

Bought ALL my new year clothing in ONE day! Haha.

And all in a couple of hours.

Not bad, not bad at all.


Part III :

Blardy hell. New year holidays is non-existent. I have 4 freaking tests awaiting me when University reopens.

Not to mention tons of assignments and work to do.

Gimme a gun, I'm gonna go shoot some people.


Part IV :

I think I liked myself better when I listen more than I speak.

Stop trying to be someone you're not.

Stop trying to be funny.

You find yourself wanting to kick yourself in the ass often enough.


Part V :

You're putting on weight. Don't deny any longer. Go find more ice-cream to eat.


Part VI :

Jogoya Jogoya Hey!

Jogoya Jogoya Ho!

Jogoya Jogoya Dei!

Jogoya Jogoya Let's Go!



Porcupine said...

Is it that Sushi buffet thingy in KL?
Nice or not?

amy-da-great said...

It's blardy expensive..
And to tell you the truth, felt that it wasn't that worth it.
Or maybe it's just me not knowing how to make it worth.

MyKy said...

Likewise, buffet isn't exactly the place to enjoy food. It's to stuff yourself to the neck, 'to eat back the money paid!'

So sayeth my aunt. Haha

kxin said...

Ehhh... the jogoya i just went ohhh.. if you're lookin for great Japanese food, Jogoya's not the place. If you're looking for a vast variety and lots of ice-cream, then it's alright. Coz no matter what, it's still a buffet thingy and their food is just okay only, really. I went with 5 friends, Almost Rm90 per person lo coz of the tax.. hehee... Just passing on to you my experience... :) don't hesitate to ask further! I haven't been talking to you in a long while.. :D

amy-da-great said...


Well put indeed!

Yalar! The variety is there but the quality not too good..maybe because its buffet and all.. but its an experience nonetheless!

MyKy said...

So nice ke the experience? Nice seats and tables and got a quartet singing by your table while u chow down your food?