Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breeze on the hill

Driving to work each morning, I always look forward to a special part of that daily pilgrimage-this slope upon which my mom's old car would sputter, groan and slow down to the chagrin of the fellow behind me.

Slowly but surely, the car would climb to the top, and from the top, the view of the skies is breathtaking to say the least, each day a little bit different - the colours would be splashed in multiple hues and the order of the clouds never the same.

And on top of that hill, I would linger as long as I could and it would remind me of how fortunate we are, and how beautiful the world is.

Experience is truly a guru of the master class, and I am a student of the world.

She is learning to be someone of whom she is proud of.

But what she is already, is reason enough to be glad.


buttercup said...

Experience is truly a guru of the master class, am I am a student of the world.

Nicely said Simmy!

Sann said...

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AnamK said...

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